Welcome to my blog!

This is something I never thought I would do. What would I talk about? Would you be interested in anything I have to say? Well, I’ve decided that I do have a few things to share and I would love to connect with those of you with similar interests.

Just a little background. . . .

I am an avid quilter; so much so that my life revolves around it. Just ask my family. It has been that way since the first time I picked up a rotary cutter – about 28 years ago. A few years later I started working and teaching in a local quilt shop. That’s where I met Sue and my life was changed. Sue had a connection to a new fabric company that was looking for a quilt designer for their fabric collections. Sue suggested me since I had been designing a few quilts for the shop. That was the beginning of my life as quilt designer. (Thanks, Sue!) I have been designing quilts for that same company for over ten years now, as well as a number of other companies. It is challenging and takes you out of your comfort zone, but I love it. I also started my pattern company – Plum Tree Quilts – and attend Quilt Market twice a year to show my new designs. Quilt Market is a trade show (not open to the public) where quilt shop owners go to shop for the newest goodies related to quilting.

So that’s me in a nutshell!

These past few weeks have been very hectic since Spring Quilt Market is next week in Portland, Oregon. I’ve been busy making new quilts, writing patterns, doing quilt photography, getting things ready for my booth and shipping everything to Portland.

Here’s a photo of the quilts that I shipped to Market (only 6 of them are new):

Spring Market Quilts

We finally got everything for the booth packed into boxes. Here they are waiting to be picked up by UPS:

Spring Market Boxes

The “we” I referred to above is really my husband. He helps me out with my business, doing most everything that is non-creative. I couldn’t do what I do without him. He comes to Market with me and its fun to hear him explain to customers how the quilts were made. We’re going to Portland a few days early to do some sightseeing since we’ve never been to the West coast. I can’t wait to get there! Watch for postings from Portland in the next few days.

Here are two of my new patterns:


You can see more of my designs on my website: www.plumtreequilts.com .

Until next time,