Notion Commotion Blog Hop – Day 8


I hope you’ve been enjoying the Notion Commotion Blog Hop so far. Today it’s my turn to share a new tool I found to make your quilting experience a little easier. It’s the Sew Red Glasses. These  eyeglasses have red lenses that help you determine the color value of fabrics you plan to use in a quilt. It can be challenging choosing fabrics with enough contrasting value so that the finished quilt does not end up dull and uninteresting. The Sew Red Glasses are a great help in selecting fabrics with good contrasting value so that your finished quilt will pop.

There have been similar products on the market over the years, but the fact that the red lenses are made into eyeglasses is genius! It leaves your hands free to work with the fabrics as you make your final selections. AND, if you already wear glasses, this product is available as Clip-On Lenses. More genius!!


If you’d like to read more about the Sew Red Glasses, go to

Leave a comment and you will be entered into a drawing for a pair of Sew Red Glasses and two of my patterns: Two by Two and Luminous. You can see the patterns on my website, I’ll draw two winners on Friday, July 18th after the end of the blog hop. One winner will receive two patterns with the regular Sew Red Glasses and the second winner will receive two patterns and the Clip-On Lenses. So be sure to let me know if you want the regular glasses or the clip-ons in your comment.

The next blogger is Susan Emory of Swirly Girls Design on Tuesday, July 15. She will tell you about the Creative Grids Kite Plus Ruler.



28 thoughts on “Notion Commotion Blog Hop – Day 8

  1. What a great idea. Not only are your hands free, unlike smaller tools that I have seen in the past, you can see the whole fabric, not just what is under the red lens. I have rarely used red lenses to check contrast, because it is such a hassle to deal with, but the idea of glasses is great. One of those, “Why didn’t I think of that ideas?”

    I do wear glasses, but most of the time I wear contacts, so the glasses would work better for me if I was lucky enough to win. Thank you for sharing this with us through the blog hop.

  2. The Sew Red Glasses are such a great idea – so convenient and so practical! If you happen to draw my name I would love to win the clip-on pair of glasses.

  3. I’d love to try out a pair of The Sew Red Glasses! Thanks for the chance to win. The regular glasses would be my choice. 😉

  4. I have been hearing about these glasses sure would like to give them a try. Sometimes picking
    contrasting fabric is not to easy. I do were glasses so clip-on would be great. Thanks

  5. I think the notion commotion blog hop is genius also. This is a chance for all of us to see what is new out there. I have tried other red viewing things and these glasses would for sure make it easier and keep your hands free. I would love to have either kind. I would make them work.

  6. I’ve been using the red cellophane from an old pair of 3-D glasses, so I think I need a pair of these! I don’t wear glasses, so the clip-on’s wouldn’t work for me.

  7. Love those glasses! I have a dear friend who fusses over the other product used for this purpose. She would be elated to have a pair of these. Regular please! Thanks!

  8. These glasses would be a great addition to my “Notion Commotion”! Sometimes, finding the darker or lighter dominant colors is difficult and these are a great improvement over the other forms of “red thingies”!!

  9. These glasses would be a great addition to my personal “Notion Commotion”! Sometimes, finding the darker or lighter dominant colors is difficult and these are a great improvement over the other forms of “red thingies”!

  10. I struggle with distinguishing fabric value, and these glasses look like the perfect solution! Thanks so much for the chance to win!. And your designs are delightful! I would use the clip-ons

  11. I sometimes have trouble with color value. It sounds like these glasses would be helpful. Thanks for the give away. This has been an interesting hop.

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